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Reflecting On The Past: A Look At Popular Vaping Trends

Reflecting On The Past: A Look At Popular Vaping Trends

Let’s say that you’re trying to study vaping. Though it’s nothing brand new to the world, vaping doesn’t necessarily have a long, extensive history that’s thoroughly documented in high school history textbooks. Compared to the use of tobacco in many different cultures around the world, vaping is relatively new. Sure, there are those who are more vape-savvy than others, such as our friendly vape shop in RI, but there are also plenty of people who still aren’t even aware that there’s a viable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. After reading that last sentence, our online vape shop can safely assume that demographic doesn’t include you, dear reader!

Understanding Vaping Trends

If you’re newer to the vaping scene, however, then you might not be in the know about what was popular in terms of vaping technology and devices. Fortunately, we like to toot our own horns here and there and consider ourselves vaping veterans at Sunshine Vape. Not only has our Rhode Island vape shop helped countless locals safely make the switch from cigarettes to vaping, but we’ve also helped supply thousands and thousands of vapers online through our awesome selection of vape batteries, e-juice with nicotine, and so much more.

Vaping is our pride and our passion. What can we say? Get more insight on various vaping trends by reading below, and don’t hesitate to shop our main collection of vaping gear.


These small, uber-discreet vapes are still fairly popular these days due to their simplicity. However, you’re more likely to see vapers with box mods, sub-ohm tanks and variable batteries if they’re really into it. As the name implies, these vapes are made to look like a cigarette with the exception of a glowing end as the user inhales. Oh, and of course, they don’t produce any smoke. That’s an important point!

Starter Kits With Clearomizers and Glassomizers

“A glass-o-what?” you might be thinking. Essentially, these vaping systems are relatively small, clear cylindrical tubes known as a tank. You fill the tank with e-juice with nicotine (or without if that is your preference) from either the bottom or the top depending on the design. The atomizer, or small unit near the bottom of the tank that works in tandem with the battery and actually causes the e-juice to turn into a vapor, didn’t tend to last very long with many clearomizer or glassomizer systems.

Years ago, vapers were subjected to very little vapor production with even less flavor to boot. Fortunately, atomizers, tanks, batteries, and vaping technology as a whole progressed greatly in a matter of a few years.

Batteries With No Variable Wattage Or Voltage

These days, batteries are getting fancy with LED screens and multiple settings to tinker with. This wasn’t always the case. Though some old-school vapers still prefer the power of a mechanical mod, most decent batteries on the market have adjustable power settings instead of a fixed voltage or wattage.

Shop The Latest Vape Trends From Our Online Vape Shop Today!

Whether you’re browsing the internet or you’re local to our vape shop in RI, Sunshine Vape is proud to carry what vapers like you are looking for. Upgrade your vape game by shopping our online vape shop today!

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