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What Can Sunshine Vape Do For You?

What Can Sunshine Vape Do For You?

In short, we’re here to help provide you with the finest selection of vaping products at unbeatable prices. Really, our business model is as simple as that. Whether you’re perusing our online vape shop anywhere in the world or you’re dropping by our brick-and-mortar locations in Warwick and South Kingstown, you can count on Sunshine Vape to hook you up with everything that you need to catch a buzz — and, more importantly, avoid cigarettes. If anything, that’s our number one goal!

If It’s Vape-Related, We Have You Covered

In this blog post, we’re going to briefly cover some of the many ways that we help our fellow vaping enthusiasts. Though we sell vaping equipment on our site, you can learn more about vaping by reading this guide or seeing us in person if you’re local to Rhode Island! Reach out to Sunshine Vape with any questions here.

E-Juice For Sale

If you can think of the flavor, we’ll probably have it. An important part of vaping is keeping the flavors fresh and changing out what you’re vaping on, and you’re bound to find something that suits your taste at our online vape shop. Heck, we literally carry brands from A-Z!


Also known as atomizers, you simply can’t vape without a fresh coil in your vape. We carry many different styles and brands of coil packs designed to work in tandem with Aspire, Kanger, Joyetech, ELeaf, U-Well, and other major brands.

Starter Kits

Does the wonderful world of vaping have your head spinning before you’ve taken that first puff? A starter kit will provide everything that you need to get vaping.

Regulated Mods

Different from mechanical mods (read below), regulated mods provide ample power to your atomizer and tank system. With the simple press of a button, users can control the exact amount of wattage or voltage that they’d like to fire. Because these batteries are regulated, they’re safe to use and do not require the placement of external batteries.

Mechanical Mods

Conversely, mechanical mods require external batteries to be placed in the cylindrical metal tube — usually 18650 batteries. These battery systems are unregulated, meaning that you can also control the amount of power that they’re putting out but without a screen or digital readout to know exactly what that power is. “Mech mods” are for experienced vapers only.


This is what holds your e-juice and contains the atomizer that connects to the battery to make the magic happen. Tanks can range in price and quality, and also offer different capacities for your e-liquid. For more frequent, all-day vapers, we suggest getting a larger tank that can hold more e-liquid.

Pod Systems

For an easy and discreet way to vape, pod systems use concentrated nicotine salts instead of traditional e-juice. These vape systems are ideal for those with a higher tolerance to nicotine or just wish to get a buzz in one simple puff.

Vape Your Way To A Better Life With Sunshine Vape!

We’d never claim that vaping is particularly healthy, but it’s an incredible alternative to smoking tobacco. If you don’t believe us, just look at the mounds of scientific evidence in support of vaping. Join the vaping revolution and let us help you transition from smoking cigarettes! Shop our main collection today.

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