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What Does The Future Of Vaping Look Like?

What Does The Future Of Vaping Look Like?

Back in the 1980s, if you were to look someone in the eye and tell them that they could achieve the very same nicotine buzz as cigarettes without nearly as many health drawbacks, they would think you’re pretty crazy. Now, if you were to continue on and explain how many delicious and expertly curated flavors there were to “vape” (a term that was largely unknown at the time), they would continue to point their burning cigarette at you and tell you that you’re out of your mind. Our point? Vaping has come a long, long way in the past decade or so.

Vaping: Then, Now, And The Future

Indeed, from a time where tobacco was the only option to get your buzz to now where you can vape Frosty Flakes and Fruity Loops, it’s fair to say that the nicotine community has it pretty good these days. Now, given the ever-improving and rapid technological advances that society experiences on a near-daily basis, it’s also fair to say that vaping technology has not yet reached its prime. What’s in store for the future of vaping?

The future is what Sunshine Vape, your friendly vape shop in RI, is tackling in today’s blog post. Though we don’t carry never-seen-before vape technology, we do have a wide variety of tried and true vaping products and supplies to help you kick cigarettes or even just enjoy a tasty, flavorful break outside of work. Whatever you need, our vape shop online has you covered!

Let’s take a brief look at the future of vaping.

More Touch Screen Integration

Let’s face it: touch screens have become the new standard of technology. From smart fridges to the really-well-established smartphone, physical buttons are becoming antiquated. Though there’s been a definitive move in this direction for some time, expect more and more vaping devices — particularly, batteries — to do away with physical buttons in favor of touchscreen displays.

Advanced Security Features

Turning on or firing your vape may require more than a simple five presses of a button. With technology like fingerprint recognition or iris scanning, the sole owner of the device may be the only one able to access it. Our vape shop in RI will have to see if this catches on, as we’re curious to give this a shot ourselves!

We’ll See More Highly Durable Building Materials

Carbon fiber was once extremely expensive, and, well, it still costs a pretty penny. However, the costs of manufacturing and producing electronics and other consumer goods with carbon fiber has gone down over time. As a result, we’ll probably start seeing more carbon fiber on vape batteries, tanks, and other components.

Automated Software Updates

Like your smartphone, fancy vapes may be able to receive software updates automatically. In other words, the need for a USB cord would be more or less eliminated.

Shop Current Vape Technology From Our Vape Shop In RI!

Again, we might not sell vaping equipment that looks like it’s out of a sci-fi movie, but we do carry the best selection at the best prices for all of your vaping supplies. Drop by our brick and mortar stores in Warwick and South Kingston or feel free to peruse our vape shop online!

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