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What Proper Vaping Etiquette Looks Like

What Proper Vaping Etiquette Looks Like

If you’re puffing your mod in a movie theatre or at your desk at work, you’re doing it wrong (unless, of course, you work from home). Due to the fact that vapor doesn’t stick on surfaces in the same way that tobacco smoke does, this affords vapers the luxury of being able to vape indoors with little to no consequences. While this convenience is lovely, that doesn’t mean that you should vape anywhere you please, especially in public areas where conventional smoking is otherwise banned. In today’s blog post from Sunshine Vape, we would like to save you from being “that guy”, if you will.

The Best Vapor Juice For Our Fellow Vaping Community

In the interest of giving our fellow vaping community a better name, we’re going to go over a few tips for polite, proper vaping etiquette. While we can’t necessarily enforce good vaping etiquette, Sunshine Vape does sell good vape juice for you to happily vape away with. From the top vape juice flavors to discount vape juice, we have all of the vape liquid for sale online. Looking to take your vaping experience to the next level? Us too! Check out our wide selection of liquid with nicotine for sale today.

Don’t Vape Anywhere That You Can’t Smoke

We understand that vaping is different from smoking, but when it comes to public areas, follow the rules and the law as if you’re a cigarette smoker. That means that you should keep a respectable distance between others when going out for a puff, or even vaping in a designated smoking area. You shouldn’t be sneaking in vape puffs in places where vaping is discouraged or even outright illegal, especially if you’re around pets or children. Even if it’s not directly harmful to anyone’s health, it’s just disrespectful.

Ask Before Vaping

If you’re unsure whether you’re good to rip your mod in a certain situation, try simply asking somebody about it. For example, if you’re riding around in a friend’s car, politely ask them if you can roll down their window and take a few hits of your vape. If not, just wait until you reach your destination - vaping might not leave a nasty odor or residue behind in the same way that cigarette smoke does, but it’s your friend’s car, and they have the last say on what happens and what doesn’t happen inside of it.

Don’t Vape During Meals

You wouldn’t pull out a cigarette and light it up at a restaurant, so why would you vape during your meal? Obviously, it is against the law or highly frowned upon to vape or smoke in most public establishments, but even eating at a friend’s house or having guests over at your place should make you think twice before firing up that atomizer. Beyond basic courtesy of others around you, the smell of your vapor may put others off, killing their appetite during an otherwise delicious meal. Now, some vape flavors smell delicious, and might even enhance someone’s eating experience. It really depends on the situation at hand, but again, always ask others around you if it’s cool to vape around them.

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At Sunshine Vape, we’re happy to educate the public and the vaping community at large about all things vaping. From cheap vapor juice to the best vapor juice deals on the market to 0mg vape juice, we have all the vaping supplies you need to get vaping and stay vaping. Shop our vape juice sale today!

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