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More Important Vaping Mistakes To Avoid

More Important Vaping Mistakes To Avoid

Just like human nature itself, no vape user is perfect. Whether your battery dies when you need it the most or you’ve taken a dreaded “dry hit” (dry hits, as you probably well know, are seriously no joke), mistakes happen. But are you consciously trying to avoid them? That’s the true question, and to better help you avoid some of these rookie moves, Sunshine Vape is back with a follow-up from our previous blog post.

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There are, of course, many possible vaping mistakes that you could (and should) avoid, but chief among them is not overpaying for your vaping supplies and equipment. From e-liquid with nicotine and cheap vape juice to great deals on replacement pods, atomizers, tanks, RDAs, variable batteries, regulated mods and so much, Sunshine has you covered. Whether you shop our online vape store here on our website or you visit our brick and mortar locations here in South Kingstown and Warwick, Rhode Island, we’re here to keep your vape game strong!

Check out our latest vaping products today, and continue reading to learn more about some of the worst vaping mistakes that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Forgetting To Drink Water

Dehydration is no fun, and unless you’re a robot, it’s going to affect you unless you drink adequate amounts of water. Cotton mouth doesn’t just result from smoking — your mouth can also get extremely dry while vaping, and vaping in hot weather is only going to exacerbate the situation. Fact: hydrate or die!

Getting The Ever-Dreaded “Dry Hit”

If your atomizer and wick aren’t probably saturated with enough e-liquid...you’re going to have a bad time. Not only will the hit not taste like the juice that you’re vaping, but it’s going to taste like burnt cotton (or whatever material you’re using for a wick). The worst part? The gross, burnt flavor doesn’t even leave your mouth or throat for quite some time. It just resides on your taste buds, ruining your day, or at least the next few hours of your life. Play it safe and always make sure that your coil is saturated with plenty of e-juice.

Waiting Too Long To Change Out Your Atomizer

If you’re using a tank setup that utilizes replacement atomizers (as opposed to building your own coils with an RDA), know that your coil won’t last forever. Depending on how often you vape, you should be replacing it every few days to every couple of weeks. A tell-tale sign is a noticeable lack of flavor or even your juice tasting bad.

Buying Cheap, Low-Quality Vaping Supplies

There’s an important distinction between inexpensive and cheap. Don’t buy vape supplies that are just going to break on you after minimal use. Instead, shop Sunshine Vape for great deals on quality vape gear that will stand the test of time.

Vaping Like A Pro Starts At Sunshine Vape. Are You In?

As a vaper, it would practically be a mistake not to hit up our vape shop online. Get the best deals on e-liquid with nicotine, replacement atomizers, regulated mods and so much more by shopping here at Sunshine Vape!

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