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Avoid These Crucial Vaping Mistakes At All Costs

Avoid These Crucial Vaping Mistakes At All Costs

We’ve said it more than once and we’ll probably say it more times than we’ll ever be able to count: vaping is pretty awesome. It’s actually more than awesome — when it comes to providing a sensible and far healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping is really nothing shy of a nicotine miracle. Now, given our inherent bias as an online vape shop and a brick and mortar vape shop in Rhode Island, we’re naturally inclined to have these sort of opinions. But honestly, who could blame us?

Whether or not you actually vape, everyone can agree that vaping is simply superior to smoking, and it’s doing incredible things to help improve the public’s health at large. That’s not just here in the United States, either — we’re talking about the vaping revolution happening all over the world!

Sunshine Vape Is Here For All Of Your Vaping Needs

Our vape shop in RI (with locations in beautiful Warwick and South Kingstown) is proud to do our part in providing you with the best vaping equipment online. If you can think of it, chances are that we carry it. Here’s what you can find by shopping our vape shop online:

With clearance and wholesale items to boot, you really can’t go wrong shopping with us here at Sunshine Vape. Read below about some of the most common vaping mistakes that you simply can’t afford to make, or feel free to reach out to our online vape supply shop with any questions!

Forgetting To Charge Your Battery

It’s not a good feeling. After you’ve replaced your atomizer, primed it, and filled your clean tank with some fresh e-juice, you’re ready to tackle your day...only to find that your vape isn't firing. Yup, it’s a dead battery. This is something that, unfortunately, most vapers will encounter throughout their experiences. Having a backup battery, of course, never hurts!

Mixing The Wrong E-Juice Flavors Together

Mixing different e-juice flavors in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing — after all, there are some pretty tasty combinations out there. However, note that flavor mixing can be a dangerous game. What smells like a good combination might turn out to be totally gross after you’ve taken a few puffs and realized that perhaps root beer and watermelon maybe wasn’t such a good idea.

Mixing different e-juices from different brands with a different viscosity (particularly in the way of the PG/VG ratio) may also yield some unsatisfactory results.

Using Nicotine That’s Too Strong Or Concentrated

Many smokers are turned off from the vaping experience on the basis that the nicotine buzz won’t be strong enough for them. While cigarettes do deliver a very powerful buzz, they’re probably underestimating just how strong something like 12mg or 24mg nicotine juice is, especially when it’s pushed out of an RDA with a mech mod.

Getting over-buzzed can be quite unpleasant, characterized by lightheadedness, nausea, a headache, dry mouth, and dizziness. It’s almost always recommended to start lower in nicotine strength and work your way up until you find a buzz that’s very comfortable and controllable. After all, if you’re not enjoying the experience, then what’s the point?

Not Properly Sealing Your Tank

E-juice is great to vape, of course, but when it gets anywhere other than the juice bottle itself or your tank/vaping setup, it’s a sticky pain that you don’t want to deal with. It’s a pretty terrible feeling to feel your shorts pocket get a little wet, only to realize that your vape is leaking e-liquid everywhere. Not cool. Any experienced vaper knows to always make it an imperative to properly seal their tanks, RDAs, or whatever their setup is so that no e-liquid leaks out of it.

More Vaping Mistakes To Avoid Are On The Way

If you’re vaping, then you might as well do it right. That’s why Sunshine Vape carries the latest and greatest equipment and e-liquid at our vape supply shop online. Stay tuned for our follow-up post about common vaping mistakes to avoid, and feel free to shop our entire collection of vaping supplies today!

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