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Our Vaping Guide: (Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

Over the past decade — even longer — vaping has experienced massive growth in just about every aspect. Long-time cigarette smokers and those looking for a nicotine delivery system without sacrificing their lungs (among other things) have turned to the near-miraculous advent of vaping as a healthier means of achieving the same nicotine buzz that conventional cigarettes have provided for hundreds of years. With many recent advancements in the vaping industry, bringing users a more powerful and flavorful experience than ever before, vaping has also become cheaper and more accessible than it was in years past.

Here at Sunshine Vape, our online vape shop and brick and mortar vape shop in Warwick and South Kingston is proud to be at the forefront of what we can only describe as the “vaping revolution.”

Our Rhode Island Vape Shop Has All Your Vaping Needs Covered

When you get started with vaping, navigating the myriad of vaping products out on the market can be...overwhelming, to say the least. Fortunately, if you live in Rhode Island near Warwick or South Kingston (and even if you don’t, Rhode Island is a rather small state, so come on by!, Sunshine Vape features an all-star staff of friendly vaping experts to help puff your way to success.

The Vape Shop Online That’s Here To Help

Whether you’re in the process of weaning yourself off cigarettes, you’re an “intermediate” vaper who’s looking to invest more and get the most out of your setup, or you’re a vaping expert who’s swinging by to share news about the latest vaping technology, Sunshine Vape is happy to discuss just about everything vaping-related. If you’re not local to our two vape shops, then fear not! Hit up our vape shop online for the best deals on e-juice with nicotine for sale, atomizers for sale, vape batteries, and a range of clearance and wholesale vaping supplies. Our blog also offers insight on several useful vaping topics for your reading pleasure! We recommend starting with our vaping basics post.

On this page, we’re going to discuss several aspects about vaping — from transitioning from cigarettes to solely vaping, to finding a vaping setup that works for you, to going over vaping etiquette, there are many things to consider when it comes to hooking you up with the best vaping experience possible. Questions for Sunshine Vape? We’re here for you! Contact our vape supply store today.

Not Harmless, But a Less Harmful Alternative

Right off the bat, we’d like to be clear: vaping is not 100 percent harmless. If anyone tells you that vaping — or inhaling anything other than air, for that matter — is completely healthy with no drawbacks whatsoever, then they’re wrong. Now, it might sound strange for a dedicated vape supply shop to say this about the core of the products we sell, but we don’t want people to go into vaping with the understanding that it’s as healthy as breathing clean mountain air.

However, as compared to cigarettes and really any form of smoking tobacco, vaping is miles better for you. Devoid of all of the cancerous additives and chemicals carefully placed in cigarettes to keep you hooked, vaping has none of that — just propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and, of course, nicotine (which you can also skip out on). The fact that you’re also not inhaling combusted tobacco in general means that, objectively, you’re taking in way fewer carcinogens than you otherwise would when smoking.

The takeaway? Vaping is not completely harmless, but it is a much, much healthier alternative to smoking. If people are going to continue smoking — which they always will, and it’s their right to do so — vaping needs to take a step closer to the main spotlight and show these longtime cigarette smokers that there is a better alternative to getting that desired buzz.

OK. So What Is The Feeling Of Vaping Like?

Great question. Compared to the relative dryness of cigarettes, vaping is probably going to feel a little more “moist” in your mouth, and heavier, depending on the volume of vapor that you’re inhaling. Even if your “seasoned” lungs are used to inhaling smoke, there might be a slight adjustment period where your lungs aren’t used to the light “airiness” of the vapor itself.

Vaping Depends On...Well, What’s In Your Vape

Due to subjectivity, the vaping experience is different for different people. It largely depends on what flavor of e-juice with nicotine you’re vaping, what the PG/VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) ratio is, how much power your vape battery is pushing to the atomizer (the heating element that turns the e-liquid into vapor), and other factors. However, pretty much every vaper who switched from being a longtime smoker — and everyone who could smell them — can agree that vaping produces a light, pleasant aroma that doesn’t “stick” on clothing or the interior of a car in the same way that smoke does.

Vaping As Much Or As Little As You Please

All things considered, vaping is just lighter and less harsh on your body and lungs overall — no matter what concentration of nicotine you’re using. Users can puff on a vape repeatedly without feeling too lightheaded or ill, and because vapes are a true “on-demand” system, you can start and stop whenever you please. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are more of a commitment: you light one up and you’re in it to smoke the entire thing, otherwise, you’re being “wasteful.” With vaping, you have full control of the experience. That’s the way it should be! 

How Do I Navigate The Myriad Of Vaping Products Out There?

Talk to experienced users. At Sunshine Vape, our friendly vape shop in South Kingston, Rhode Island, as well as our vape store in Warwick, Rhode Island has helped countless people find the right vape setup or even a specific vaping product that they were looking for. By explaining your situation, where you’re coming from, and what you’re looking to get from your vaping experience, Sunshine Vape will find you an affordable setup that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Of course, you’re reading this on our online vape shop, so here’s the single most important takeaway about shopping for the best setup: use what works for you. Despite what the internet wants you to think, vaping is not all about looking cool or being “a badass.” While the vaping subculture is certainly an interesting one at times (albeit being rather cringe-worthy at certain moments), remember that you’re either making the switch from smoking cigarettes or avoiding them to begin with in the interest of your own health. This is all about you!

Disregarding The Vaping “Haters”

So, if a dinky starter setup producing relatively minimal vapor is all that it takes to keep you happy and satisfied, then rock it! Don’t let anyone tell you that your vape isn’t cool or that you need to get some insanely-priced $4,000 super-sub-ohm rig that chucks a cloud big enough to fill a football field. Over time, you might find that you’re not satisfied with your basic vaping setup, and you’ll want to upgrade to something a little more...robust, shall we say. That’s completely fine, too — it’s pretty common for vape users to progressively upgrade their hardware and e-juice selection over time. All things considered, just experiment with what works for you and ask questions along the way.

A Note On Vaping Safety

We’ve actually blogged about this subject in the past, because it’s worth mentioning a few things about being safe with your vape. Now, most vape tech on the market is designed to essentially be fail-proof: your battery isn’t going to randomly blow up on you. However, technology is inherently flawed, and malfunctions and short circuits do occur, so it’s generally a good idea to exercise caution when using your device(s).

Here are a few vaping safety pointers to keep in mind:

  • Don’t leave your battery (or tank, atomizer, e-juice bottle, etc.) locked inside your vehicle on a hot day. Also, don’t leave these items exposed to extreme heat in general. E-juice tends to progressively go bad when exposed to direct sunlight, and leaving your battery charging in your vehicle on a hot day could be very bad. Instead, just keep it on your person.
  • Don’t use your battery or “mod” if it’s misfiring, glitching, malfunctioning, or just acting up in any way whatsoever. Turn it off, take out the batteries (if possible) and just get a new device. While faulty devices are rare, they do exist. Buying a new battery is much cheaper than dealing with an accidental injury.
  • Always keep e-liquid / e-juice with nicotine away from curious children and pets. Always. Like alcohol or prescription medications, treat your vaping supplies and e-juice bottles the same way. Many juice droppers and bottles have child-resistant tops on them, but don’t rely on this. Nicotine juice is harmful to children and pets, so treat it with caution.

Vaping Etiquette

This is an interesting aspect of vaping, and it’s certainly one that’s more of a gray area. Sunshine Vape has also blogged about this in the past, and because vaping is still relatively new in the eyes of society, it’s difficult to draw any concrete conclusions about vaping “politely.” Here are two major reasons why our vape shop online truly values being respectful when you vape: one, it’s nice to be a good person, and two, we’re really trying to help legitimize vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Think Twice Before You Vape

If you’re going around blowing massive clouds of vapor in people’s faces, or vaping inside of restaurants or other places where you otherwise couldn’t smoke, then plain and simple, you’re not doing the vaping community any favors — seriously. Be kind and courteous about where you are, what the social context is like, and if it would be polite or considerate to take a puff. Sure, vapor doesn’t stick around or stink a place up in the same way that smoking a cigarette does — feel free to puff away inside of your own house or at a buddies’ place. But, when it comes to being in public, think twice before pulling out your mod.

Here are some quick etiquette tips to consult:

  • Don’t vape anywhere that you can’t smoke. No exceptions.
  • If you’re unsure if you can vape or not, ask someone!
  • Don’t vape during meals, especially when you’re eating with people who don’t vape.
  • Don’t blow vapor directly into people’s faces.
  • Never assume that it’s acceptable to vape when you’re in public.
  • Be discreet about vaping when you’re in a crowd or walking around outside.

All things considered, so long as you’re not being outright rude or reckless about how you’re vaping, you should be fine. Just be respectful about it!

Transitioning From Smoking To Vaping

If you’ve smoked cigarettes for years and years — or even decades like many long-time smokers have — you’re not alone in your switch to vaping. It’s not going to be an easy switch, mind you, but progressively weaning off cigarettes by vaping more often is something that you can and will achieve! Touching on this in yet another blog post, making the healthy switch from smoking to vaping is easier said than done, of course, but cut yourself some slack — making healthy changes in your life is by no means an overnight process!

As long as you’re smoking less and vaping more over time — eventually phasing out cigarettes altogether — that’s the goal.

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