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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Looking To Have Some Fun? Check Out These Vaping Tricks!

Looking To Have Some Fun? Check Out These Vaping Tricks! 0

Inhale, exhale...that’s the natural rhythm of vaping. If you’re sitting at home right now wondering what to do as you’re puffing on your favorite e-juice, you may have stumbled upon this blog post in light of your situation. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with mindlessly browsing the internet, and besides, if you’ve wound up at our online vape shop here at Sunshine Vape, then you’re probably in the market for some delicious e-liquid with nicotine or maybe some new vape coils for sale. Either way, we’re glad that you’re here, dear bored vaper, because we have the perfect thing for you in today’s blog post!

Taking Care Of Your Vaping Supply Needs In Kingston, Warwick and Online

Whether you’re local to the Rhode Island area (we’re small but mighty, we swear!) or you’re just looking for great deals on vape supplies online, Sunshine Vape has you covered. Below, we’re going to go over some fairly simple and totally enjoyable vape tricks for you to use with the vapor that you’re already exhaling anyway. If you have any questions about any of our vape shop supplies online that we carry, feel free to get in touch with Sunshine Vape today. 

Ghost Inhaling

Also referred to as the “snap inhale” or the mushroom cloud, this is a fairly basic but fun vaping trick. Ghost inhaling involves releasing a ball of vapor and then “snapping it back in.” To successfully ghost inhale, simply take a long drag of vapor and let it linger in your mouth for just a couple of seconds. Then, push out all of the vapor from your mouth in a ball and quickly inhale it back in. Boom!

The Dragon Exhale

Who doesn’t want to look like a dragon? You might not be breathing fire like one (unless you’ve eaten spicy food recently), but this is another easy vape trick that’s fairly easy to master. To do the dragon exhale, take a long drag without inhaling - like you’re puffing on it. Once your mouth is full of vapor, forcefully exhale through your nose while also exhaling through each side of your mouth at the same time. By creating small pockets on each side of your mouth for the vapor to escape, you’ll look like there’s steam coming out of your mouth...or vapor, that is. Congratulations, now you look like you’re straight out of Game of Thrones, minus the whole dying thing.

The Vape Tornado

How could we almost forget this classic vape trick? Though it looks much easier than it actually is to properly execute, the vape tornado involves whipping up a flat pool of vapor so that it spins up into the shape of a tornado. To do it, carefully exhale your vapor onto a flat surface, like a table or counter. Ideally, the vapor should be as thick and still as possible. Then, use your hand to chop at the surface and flick your wrist up while lifting your arm, all in one smooth motion. If done right, this should turn the flat vapor into a tight, twisting spiral.

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Packing a Concentrated Nicotine Punch: A Look at Nicotine Salts

Packing a Concentrated Nicotine Punch: A Look at Nicotine Salts 0

One of the interesting things about vaping is that, while it’s a highly individualized experience in terms of personal preference, the main purpose is more or less the same for most people: getting a buzz. Of course, there is 0mg vape juice available, perfect for those who have been progressively weaning off of nicotine but still enjoy the tasty flavors and act of vaping itself.

But despite the fact that most people vape to get that signature nicotine buzz from a much healthier source than loose leaf tobacco and cigarettes, there are near limitless combinations of e-juice flavors, battery mods for sale, atomizers, and overall vape designs out on the market. Truly, in the past decade or so, vaping has become quite the lucrative industry - you could say that we made a great choice as Warwick and Kingston’s preferred vape supply shop!

Sunshine Vape Shop Covers All Of Your Vaping Needs

Below, we’re going to take a brief look at concentrated nicotine salts and how they differ from traditional vape juice. Nicotine salt technology is used in products like JUUL Pods that we carry on our online vape store. Continue reading below to learn about this discreet yet powerful nicotine delivery system, or feel free to shop our vape shop online today at Sunshine Vape!

What Are Nicotine Salts?

In short, nicotine salts are a form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. As the name implies, nicotine salts are a salt crystal version of nicotine. Conversely, what you’ll typically find in standard e-juice and e-liquid is simply “freebase” nicotine, meaning that the nicotine is not bonded to anything else. Generally speaking, freebase nicotine is considered more “volatile,” which in this context means that it is a more easily vaporized form of nicotine.

But wait - if freebase nicotine is easier to vape than nicotine salts, then why would our vape shop carry such an item? We’re glad that you hypothetically asked, reader!

A Smooth and Concentrated Delivery System

After extensive research, it was discovered that certain nicotine salts appeared to work better than conventional freebase nicotine liquid. This is due to the added ingredient benzoic acid, intended to control the specific nicotine salt formed in the e-liquid. The result, essentially, was a concentrated and potent nicotine vapor that wasn’t as harsh as freebase nicotine e-juice. So, while users might not be able to “chuck massive clouds” of vapor like they can by sub-ohming traditional e-liquid, it does mean that the average person seeking an effective smoking alternative can comfortably vape higher-nicotine e-juice without coughing. To those looking to catch a buzz, this is good news.

Overall Benefits of Nicotine Salts

All things considered, users can enjoy the fact that they’re getting more nicotine, more quickly into their system. Additionally, nicotine salt-based e-juice has a longer shelf-life than its conventional freebase counterpart, and users don’t need a massively powerful battery mod to push the liquid, either.

Overall, when it comes to being discreet and efficient, vaping nicotine salts is a great way to go. Best of all, Sunshine Vape has exactly what you need!

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More Health Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping

More Health Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping 0

Less coughing, no more bad smells, and the ability to soar up a flight of stairs without a second breath - how does all that sound? While these things are pretty difficult (if not nearly impossible) to achieve as a pack-a-day smoker, making the sensible (and tasty!) switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-juice with nicotine has allowed millions of people around the world to do these things. Why limit your day to day life just to catch a buzz? Vaping allows people to achieve the same on-demand nicotine buzz that cigarettes provide but without most of the conventional drawbacks.

Your Trusted Online Vape Store

In a continuation of our previous blog post about the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, our online vape supply experts here at Sunshine Vape are going to continue touching on more of these benefits. Our Rhode Island vape shop is proud to bring our customers the best vape liquid flavors and discount vape juice, ensuring that the vaping community we serve gets the best deals and prices on our products. Running low on e-juice or atomizers? Buy e-liquid online, shop vape coils for sale and more by visiting here.

Enjoy Healthier, Better-Smelling Hair

Imagine a reality where your hair actually smells like your shampoo, and it actually maintains that smell for an extended period of time! Smokers can spend all the time they want showering and smelling fresh, but once they light one up, the smell of burning tobacco takes over. No one wants to smell like a living chimney, and no one wants brittle, weak hair either. It’s gross! Take control of your cosmetic life again and enjoy softer, cleaner hair that isn’t brought down by cigarette smoke.

More Day-To-Day Energy

Making the switch to e-cigarettes isn’t always easy, but the reward is massive. Not only will you experience more confidence and self-esteem in your social life, but you’ll also be more in tune with your body and your health. As you continue to routinely exercise and eat healthy, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love, and then some. While vaping won’t directly result in these things - you’ll have to put in the work and discipline to improve your health - but vaping definitely promotes this renewed, healthy mindset. Trust us.

Get Closer With The People In Your Life - Literally!

Interactions with friends, co-workers, and family are vital to our mental and emotional health. It’s not all about your physical health - relationships play a big part in our happiness. In the past, if you’ve noticed that some people avoid close proximity to you due to your smell, switching to vaping completely eliminates this dynamic. Now, you’ll faintly smell like whatever you’re vaping - you know, something fruity, sweet, or whatever you’re into. We guarantee that whatever flavor(s) you vape, it definitely smells better than stale cigarette smoke.

Save Money With Discount Vape Supplies

At Sunshine Vape, our Rhode Island vape shop and online vape supply store offers competitive pricing on a wide range of vaping products including e-liquid with nicotine, vape coils for sale, vape battery mods, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Continue your journey to better health with us. Buy e-liquid online today!

The Many Health Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping

The Many Health Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaping 0

If you’ve already taken the plunge and switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-liquid, let us begin this blog post by saying congratulations! From breathing easier to tasting your food and smelling better nearly all of the time, these are only a few of the countless health benefits that accompany the switch from smoking to vaping. Here at Sunshine Vape, our online vape supply shop and vape store in Warwick and Kingston is proud to carry the vaping essentials that people need to continue this objectively healthier alternative to smoking. As more scientific studies get published, it’s becoming more and more obvious that vaping is the sensible alternative to tobacco smoke. As an effective nicotine delivery method, vaping is a tried-and-true solution for millions of people around the world. The truth is plain and simple: vaping just works.

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Now, let’s look at some of the incredible health benefits of switching over from smoking to vaping.

Enjoy Whiter, Healthier Teeth

After a few months of vaping instead of smoking, you might have a little less apprehension about visiting the dentist. Well, not that anyone really wants to visit the dentist, per say, but we’re sure that your dentist will be pleasantly surprised when they see that your teeth are whiter and your oral health has improved! Though it takes awhile to reverse some of the damage caused by years of cigarette smoke, say goodbye to tar-stained teeth and constant bad breath. Now, with the power of vaping, you’ll be able to smile with the confidence that you deserve.

Your Sense Of Smell and Taste Will Sharpen

Years of smoking cigarettes might not outright kill your sense of smell and taste, but there’s no doubt that nicotine sticks progressively dull these senses. After a sustained period of vaping, you’ll be able to actually spend money on a decent meal and appreciate all the flavors and hard work that went into the meal. It’s well understood that tobacco smoke is the most concentrated form of direct pollution that (willing, to the discretion of the smoker) impairs your ability to accurately identify various tastes and smells. So, go ahead and stop to smell that flower or savor that last bite of food. You’ll be glad you made the switch!

Your Cardiovascular Health Will Drastically Improve

It’s true. While it’s no secret that willingly putting smoke into your lungs is bad for you, you will notice a dramatic difference in your perceived exertion on a day to day basis after switching to vaping. That flight of stairs at the office? That’s a piece of cake. It’s even fair to say that longtime smokers who switch to vaping also become more interested in exercise and becoming more healthy from a physical fitness perspective.

Stay Tuned For More Health Benefits!

It’s difficult to cover all of the incredible health benefits of vaping in a single blog post, so stay tuned as our vape shop online continues covering our favorite subject. In the meantime, shop our online vape store today for the best deals on e-liquid with nicotine, atomizers for vapes, vape battery mods, and more!

What Proper Vaping Etiquette Looks Like

What Proper Vaping Etiquette Looks Like 0

If you’re puffing your mod in a movie theatre or at your desk at work, you’re doing it wrong (unless, of course, you work from home). Due to the fact that vapor doesn’t stick on surfaces in the same way that tobacco smoke does, this affords vapers the luxury of being able to vape indoors with little to no consequences. While this convenience is lovely, that doesn’t mean that you should vape anywhere you please, especially in public areas where conventional smoking is otherwise banned. In today’s blog post from Sunshine Vape, we would like to save you from being “that guy”, if you will.

The Best Vapor Juice For Our Fellow Vaping Community

In the interest of giving our fellow vaping community a better name, we’re going to go over a few tips for polite, proper vaping etiquette. While we can’t necessarily enforce good vaping etiquette, Sunshine Vape does sell good vape juice for you to happily vape away with. From the top vape juice flavors to discount vape juice, we have all of the vape liquid for sale online. Looking to take your vaping experience to the next level? Us too! Check out our wide selection of liquid with nicotine for sale today.

Don’t Vape Anywhere That You Can’t Smoke

We understand that vaping is different from smoking, but when it comes to public areas, follow the rules and the law as if you’re a cigarette smoker. That means that you should keep a respectable distance between others when going out for a puff, or even vaping in a designated smoking area. You shouldn’t be sneaking in vape puffs in places where vaping is discouraged or even outright illegal, especially if you’re around pets or children. Even if it’s not directly harmful to anyone’s health, it’s just disrespectful.

Ask Before Vaping

If you’re unsure whether you’re good to rip your mod in a certain situation, try simply asking somebody about it. For example, if you’re riding around in a friend’s car, politely ask them if you can roll down their window and take a few hits of your vape. If not, just wait until you reach your destination - vaping might not leave a nasty odor or residue behind in the same way that cigarette smoke does, but it’s your friend’s car, and they have the last say on what happens and what doesn’t happen inside of it.

Don’t Vape During Meals

You wouldn’t pull out a cigarette and light it up at a restaurant, so why would you vape during your meal? Obviously, it is against the law or highly frowned upon to vape or smoke in most public establishments, but even eating at a friend’s house or having guests over at your place should make you think twice before firing up that atomizer. Beyond basic courtesy of others around you, the smell of your vapor may put others off, killing their appetite during an otherwise delicious meal. Now, some vape flavors smell delicious, and might even enhance someone’s eating experience. It really depends on the situation at hand, but again, always ask others around you if it’s cool to vape around them.

Learn More About Vaping At Our Rhode Island Vape Shop

At Sunshine Vape, we’re happy to educate the public and the vaping community at large about all things vaping. From cheap vapor juice to the best vapor juice deals on the market to 0mg vape juice, we have all the vaping supplies you need to get vaping and stay vaping. Shop our vape juice sale today!

Some Of The Strangest E-Liquid Flavors We’ve Seen

Some Of The Strangest E-Liquid Flavors We’ve Seen 0

Call us a little bit biased, but we think that vaping is great. Want the flavor and satisfaction of dessert without all of the calories? Vape some key lime pie or some strawberry shortcake. In the mood for a big ol’ pile of flapjacks? Just get a pancake and syrup-flavored e-juice from our online vape supply shop and you’re well on your way. You see, unlike smoking tobacco or cigarettes, vaping offers a massive selection of delicious and tantalizing flavors to choose from. While tobacco might come in different styles, the flavor combinations and possibilities with vaping e-juice are, more or less, limitless.

Your Rhode Island Vape Supply Experts

Now, due to this massive variety of flavors out there, that means that you’ll come across some fairly...odd vape juice flavors. From pure bacon to sweet potato casserole (yes, these are actual flavors), your vape shop specialists here at Sunshine Vape are here to go over some of these interesting novelty e-juice flavors in another vape-centric blog post. Interested in checking out some of the many vape liquid flavors we carry? Feel free to shop our e-liquid selection today.


Who doesn’t love some delicious butter? Well, enjoying food cooked in butter is one thing, and eating melted butter on movie theatre popcorn is also acceptable. But vaping juice for the butter flavor itself? That’s a bold move, cotton. Of course, we’re not here to judge you on your flavor preferences, but pure butter-flavored e-liquid is an interesting choice, to say the least. As e-liquid with nicotine or without, butter is sure to be an impressionable buzz.

Crab Legs

Who invents all of these novel e-liquid flavors? We’re not exactly sure how to answer that question, but somehow, somewhere, someone thought that there should be a crab leg-flavored e-liquid. Perhaps it is better to simply ask “why not?” than “why?”, and this vape flavor proves that. Unsurprisingly, crab leg-flavored e-liquid has a strong seafood-like smell, akin to walking through a fish market on a hot, humid summer day. How....unique? We’re not sure how to characterize this flavor, except to say that it’s just as bold as the butter flavor, if not even bolder. But hey, at least the two flavors go hand-in-hand, right?


If you’re a beer connoisseur and you’re reading this, you might be wondering “Is the beer flavor like an IPA, a malty stout, or maybe a fruity wheat beer?” Nope. It’s just “beer.” If you want your place to smell like an old dive bar, then go ahead and vape this juice, but we don’t really recommend it. Consider vaping different flavors outside of a local brewery or something if you’re looking for a beer-infused vaping experience.

Vape Fun and Tasty Flavors With Sunshine Vape

At Sunshine Vape, our Warwick and South Kingston vape shop has a huge selection of great vape flavors to try out. Feel free to come on down and get a feel for what you like best, or if you already know what you enjoy vaping, shop our vape juice with nicotine online today!