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Vape Safely: Tips to Avoid Vaping Mishaps

Vape Safely: Tips to Avoid Vaping Mishaps

Have you ever sat there with your morning coffee, letting your breakfast settle while absorbing some of the latest news online (or let’s be real, via your Facebook feed) only to come across a ridiculous headline that makes you think twice about taking the next puff on your vape? In our age of information technology and the ability to instantly share just about anything with the world, it’s fair to say that, as a society, we’ve become fairly desensitized to some pretty crazy stuff. So, reading a news headline about some dude’s vape battery blowing up inside of his car in Florida, resulting in a strange odor of burnt plastic and strawberry shortcake vapor, must be fairly out of the ordinary if it’s turning your head.

Of course, the majority of e-cigarette and vape users out there don’t encounter any problems — especially technical malfunctions or user error that leads to something like an explosion. But reading these type of headlines doesn’t make the vaping community at large look very good, and if anything, these anomalies give tobacco industry lobbyists and other naysayers more leverage against something that’s objectively healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Sunshine Vape In Warwick RI Encourages Safe Vaping Practices

Our editorialist remarks aside, here at Sunshine Vape, we want vape users both long-time and brand-new to use our vape products safely. No one wants to make the headlines of a ridiculous news article, or worse, get injured or ruin their vehicle’s interior because they left their battery charging inside on a hot day. Read below to gain some worthwhile insight on the matter, or hit up our vape shop online to find killer deals on vape juice for sale, vaping coils and atomizers, battery mods, and more!

If you’d like to chat in person, our vape shops in Warwick RI an South Kingston RI are the “vape store near me” that you’re searching for online! Our vaping experts are more than happy to discuss all things vaping-related from safety tips to the latest e-juice flavors and the future of vaping technology. Here’s our contact information.

Don’t Leave Your Batteries (Or Mods) Exposed To Extreme Heat

To start, let’s address what we’ve touched on above: Avoiding making news headlines and getting shamed by people by not exposing your vape battery to extreme levels of heat. Now, this isn’t to say you can’t take your vape and enjoy it outside on a hot summer’s day, but please, do not leave your mod or battery inside of a hot car for a prolonged amount of time. Heat is the sworn enemy of batteries, so if you are running errands and decide to leave your vape in your car, at least crack your windows or park in the shade if possible. Of course, simply taking your vape with you (and out of your vehicle) wherever you’re headed is a smart move.

Keep E-Liquid With Nicotine Away From Children and Pets

Just like how you should keep alcohol, medications or medical cannabis stored away from curious children and pets, e-juice (and other vaping products) should be kept out of reach. While most e-liquid components are relatively harmless to consume, nicotine poisoning is very real and could legitimately endanger your cat, dog or your little one. Fortunately, most e-liquid bottles and containers tend to have a child-proof opener requiring the user to push down before twisting the top open, but even then, don’t underestimate the ability of these curious young explorers. Like any responsible parent (or pet owner) should, keep your adult products safely capped and out of reach. When handling e-liquid with nicotine or charging vape batteries, do this in a separate room or area away from pets and kids. It’s not only courteous and responsible of you as a parent, but doing so also eliminates any possibility of contact.

Is Your Mod Acting Strange? Stop Using It!

Plain and simple, if your device is starting to bug out, glitch, or “fire” when it’s not supposed to, just stop using it. Turn it off or safely take out the batteries and get a new device. Faulty devices, while rare, are in circulation. Shelling out for a brand new battery might be a bit pricey, even with our amazing deals here at Sunshine Vape. But when you really think about it, a new battery is significantly cheaper than a visit to the emergency room....

Stay Tuned For More Vaping Safety Information From Our Online Vape Shop!

Vaping is, of course, a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, but caution should be exercised when using e-cigarettes. Here at Sunshine Vape in Warwick and South Kingston, our vaping experts want the very best experience for our fellow e-cigarette users. Check in with us next time for more useful vaping safety knowledge, and in the meantime, feel free to shop our vape store online for amazing deals on all vaping equipment. Feel free to shoot us any questions!

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