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Does E-Juice Go Bad?

Does E-Juice Go Bad?

In short, yes and no. To get the most optimal vaping experience, you’ll want to make sure that you’re vaping fresh, tasty e-juice that you think is delicious. If vaping always tasted bad, then why would people even vape in the first place? The nicotine buzz alone might be worth it, but people might as well enjoy their vaping experience. Plus, with so many incredible and curated e-juice flavors out on the market, there’s no reason not to enjoy all of the tasty deliciousness that vaping offers.

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Sunshine Vape is proud to carry a great selection of good vape juice here at our online store as well as our brick and mortar locations in Warwick and South Kingstown, Rhode Island. We only carry and sell fresh e-juice because we want our customers to get the best vaping experience every single time. For the best discount vape juice and good vape juice on the market, shop Sunshine Vape today!

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of e-juice.

E-Juice Doesn’t Last Forever

That’s the reality - even the best vape juice on the market has a shelf life. Now, it’s fair to say that there are going to be differences in quality of taste and vapor production with different companies and tiers of e-juice, but it will all go bad eventually. Because you’re putting this product into your body, the freshness of e-liquid is a valid concern. Here are some typical signs that your e-liquid may have gone bad:

  • Change in color (usually to a darker color)
  • Change in viscosity (the liquid gets thinner and more watery)
  • Change in flavor (loses its intended flavor, or gets duller)

Why Does E-Juice Go Bad?

It would be nice if e-juice simply lasted forever, but that’s not how things work. For one, you don’t want to leave your e-juice in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This will rapidly deteriorate the color and overall quality of your liquid, especially because many e-liquid containers are transparent, allowing more sunlight in.

Most manufacturers say that the juice lasts around a year, more or less. If you properly store your juice, you might be able to get closer to two years of storage. E-juice can also go bad more quickly if it is left unsealed for extended periods of time - if you receive a shipment of new juice bottles from us, consider leaving the plastic seals on until you’re finishing with your current mix of juice. When you do open a new bottle, make sure that the cap is twisted on tightly.

Extending The Life Of E-Juice

Just like medications or natural supplements, you should store e-juice in an airtight, cool and dry place. As long as your e-juice is out of direct sunlight for significant periods of time, you should be alright. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Keep e-juice away from heat
  • Store e-juice at room temperature or slightly lower
  • Keep e-juice away from direct sunlight
  • Keep everything sealed and capped tightly

Enjoy Your Vaping Experience With Us!

As long as you keep this information in mind, you enjoy countless puffs on your vape and abstain from smoking. When you’re looking for good vape juice or cheaper vapor juice online, look no further than our online vape supply shop at Sunshine Vape.

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